SMOC Board of Directors

Public Sector
Private Sector
Community Sector
Dave Thiner
Murray County Commissioner
Ruth Stoakes
Rock County
Terrie Gulden 
Rock County
Marvin Zylstra
Nobles County Commissioner
Norma Johanning
Nobles County VFW Auxiliary
James Priester
Pipestone County
Robert Demuth Jr.
Nobles County Commissioner
Dale Carlson
Worthington Early Risers Kiwanis
Linda Sanchez
Nobles County
Jody Reisch   
Rock County
Marv Tinklenberg
Pipestone County
Brenda Schultz
Nobles County
William Johnson
Pipestone County
Gene Winter
Fulda County Fulda American Legion & VFW
Kathy Stoel
Murray County 


Neal Steffl - SMOC Executive Director


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Annual Report ~ 2012

Annual Report ~ 2011

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