Age Safely at Home

The Age Safely at Home Program provides basic yet necessary modifications and furnishings to older adults and disabled individuals. This will allow these households to stabilize and maintain their housing with the goal of aging in place and living independetly, comfortably, and safely. This progarm will provide low-income older adults financial assistance and project management to modify their homes to meet their needs and/or basic, essential furnishings.

Renovations include but not limited to:

Ramp, Handrails / Grab Bars, Walk-In Shower, Highboy Toilets, Main Floor Laundry, Replacing Flooring to prevent trip hazards and more.

How to Qualify & Apply:

The Age Safely at Home Program is an income eligible program, based on a sliding fee scale. This will determine the percentage the household would need to pay, if any. The household must be 60+ years old or disabled.

The need of the household will be determined by the SMOC Housing Inspector's assessment of their current living situation along with the household's expressed needs.

Click Below for a printable application: 

Age Safely at Home Grant Application

Sliding Fee Scale for Home Modifications
(Based on the 2024 poverty guidelines)

% of Poverty




Family Size
1 Person

$0 - $15,060

$15,061 - $22,740

$22,741 - $30,120

Family Size
2 People

$0 - $20,440

$20,441 - $30,864

$30,865 - $40,880


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